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UK Prepaid Credit Cards (MasterCard & Visa)


If you have read our UK bad credit history unsecured UK credit card page then you will know that

if you have some form of bad credit and cannot obtain any of the UK credit cards that we tell you about then there are two remaining solutions open to you, namely secured offshore credit cards and prepaid credit cards like the ones listed below.


As we point out, if you live in the US there are plenty of (expensive) US secured credit cards and if you live in the UK there are some European secured credit cards (usually attached to offshore bank accounts) available to you if you have the required security deposit. However, many people do not have access to such funds and others are unwilling to risk such money in foreign (or offshore) banks. Currently, there are no banking institutions in the UK which offer secured MasterCard or Visa cards (although Capital One used to). Stop Press - It appears that Capital One have reintroduced their secured credit card again! Invitation only at the moment.


The only solution left for people with bad credit is the prepaid credit card (or correctly named prepaid debit card). This is simply a plastic payment card with the usual MasterCard or Visa logo that is prepaid, either when you buy it or when you load or reload it with your own funds. These reloadable cards allow you to add credit, usually with small minimum amounts so you just load what you need to spend. There are no large security deposits to surrender and no credit checks. A consequence of this is that prepaid credit cards are perfect as low risk, private and confidential second credit cards for use online.


The UK Prepaid MasterCard / Visa Debit (Credit) Card List:

All prepaid cards below are available to those with bad credit.

(All card information was last checked & updated 2nd April 2014)


Our Top 2 Prepaid Credit Cards



The UK's most popular

Prepaid MasterCard.


The UK's only Gold

prepaid MasterCard.


No Credit Checks.

100% Guaranteed.

Over 500,000 cards already issued.

All your funds are kept in trust by the Royal Bank Of Scotland.


Improve or build your bad credit history with their unique Creditbuilder program.


Borrow up to 400 with iAdvance.


Get your Gold Prepaid

MasterCard today!


Click here


cashplus Prepaid MasterCard review




Gold Prepaid MasterCard


cashplus gold prepaid mastercard


Click on above prepaid cashplus * MasterCard image.



The popular Prepaid

MasterCard from Orange.


No Credit Checks.

100% Guaranteed.

The cards are issued by Barclays Bank.


Loading is free at EE shops or by bank account / debit card.

Available to anyone over 13.

No monthly fees.

No purchase fees in the UK.

You can manage your money on the move with the Free Orange Cash app (Android Smartphones only) - letting you load money instantly on the go, check your balance and transactions and set personal balance alerts.


Get your Orange Prepaid

MasterCard today!


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Orange Cash prepaid MasterCard review



Orange Cash

Prepaid MasterCard


orange prepaid mastercard

Click on above prepaid Orange Cash MasterCard image.




business prepaid mastercard     visa payroll card


Do you need a prepaid MasterCard / Visa credit card program for your business or organisation? Visit our business prepaid credit card page for details.


And the rest of the best UK prepaid cards




Prepaid MasterCard


This company which is regulated by the FSA offers one of the least expensive to operate prepaid debits cards in the UK.


There are no monthly fees, no transaction fees

and the cards can be loaded for free using either Internet Banking or by paying in cash at Barclays.


There are also no credit checks.


The cost of the card is just 4.95.


kalixa prepaid mastercard


Click on above Kalixa prepaid MasterCard image.


Secure Trust Bank

UK Bank Account & Prepaid MasterCard


Guaranteed Bank Account With

Prepaid MasterCard.


No Credit Checks.


This bank which has been in operation for around

60 years offers a guaranteed UK bank account

linked to a MasterCard prepaid debit card. Funds

from the bank account can easily be transferred

to the prepaid MasterCard when required. There

are no credit checks and telephone and online banking is provided just like with any normal

current account. Cash and cheques can be paid

in at any branch of Barclays. The prepaid

MasterCard itself can be topped up at

Payzone outlets.



secure trust bank prepaid bank account


Click on above Secure Trust Bank image for your guaranteed bank account and prepaid MasterCard.




my Travel Cash

Prepaid Currency MasterCard


This company offers a free prepaid MasterCard

in a choice of either a multi-currency, US Dollar

or Euro versions. They are designed as a cheap alternative to using credit cards abroad. They

give great exchange rates, charge no commission

and have free ATM withdrawals.



mytravelcash prepaid mastercard


Click on above my Travel Cash

prepaid MasterCard image.



And a few UK credit cards suitable for those with no or adverse credit



Vanquis Bank

Black Diamond Visa Credit Card


This UK Visa credit card comes with an initial credit limit from 150 to 1000. There is the possibility of a credit limit increase on your fourth statement and further increases every four months up to 3000. There are no annual or monthly fees for this card.



black diamond visa


Representative example
Purchase annual interest rate
59.94% (variable)
Amount of credit
59.9% APR (variable).



R. Raphael & Sons PLC

Shout Visa


This Visa credit card is designed for those with a less than perfect credit history. The initial credit limit, if successful with the application, is 300.

There is a monthly fee of 15 for each 100 borrowed or part thereof. There is a 3.50 monthly fee if the balance is 0.00.

You must also repay a minimum of 10% of your outstanding balance each month.

You must also have a debit card to apply as the debit card will be used to make the monthly repayments.



shout visa card

Representative Example:


If you spent 300 on a purchase

transaction at the start of your agreement, incurred total monthly charges of 540 over a period of 20 months and made repayments in accordance with your Terms & Conditions, your APR would be 627% APR representative (variable).



Vanquis Bank

Visa Credit Card


If you don't wish to apply for a prepaid card

for any reason but have a bad credit history

and still require a Visa or MasterCard payment solution then this is one of the best Visa cards

to apply for. They have helped over a million people in the UK get a credit card who

otherwise might not have got one.


Vanquis Visa credit card review



vanquis visa credit card


Representative Example:


Purchase annual interest rate 39.94% (variable).

Amount of credit 1000.

Representative 39.9% APR (variable)



Capital One

Visa Credit Card


Again, this is another company which has

helped many people in the UK with an

adverse credit history succeed in obtaining

an unsecured Visa credit card. If you are successful in your application you will only

get a low credit limit but the card will help

you build your credit rating if you use it



This is another good alternative to a prepaid

card as you won't be subject to any upfront

costs or fees if you pay off your balance on

time every month.



visa card alternative to prepaid card


Representative Example


34.9% APR representative variable
34.94% p.a. variable on purchase
1,200 credit limit

Capital One
Trent House
Station Street



In this respect, they are not credit cards but stored value (or prepaid) debit cards, in so much as you cannot go into debt with them. Also, as no credit is involved, prepaid credit cards do not generally report to the credit reference agencies, although a couple now do including the very popular cashplus card.


Not all prepaid cards have the MasterCard or Visa logo on them. Some come in the form of a prepaid Maestro, Cirrus or Visa Electron card and some prepaid accounts have no card at all, simply an account number to use online or on the phone. This type of account is called a virtual card account. Also, some cards are non-reloadable and these are often known as gift cards.


Previously, prepaid cards had only really been available in the US and as a result of the Patriot

Act 2001, US cards were no longer available to anyone outside the US. Fortunately, in the last

couple of years numerous MasterCard & Visa prepaid credit cards have been introduced into the

UK market. You can see most of the main current ones at the top of the page. This list is by no means exhaustive. There are new prepaid cards coming onto the market all the time (and

quite a few disappearing). We have simply listed the best and most popular ones.


A few other cards, for example, include the Post Office Travel Money Card Plus prepaid

MasterCard and the Cantonfx Prepaid Visa designed for use abroad.


There are more International & UK prepaid credit and debit card accounts on our other

International prepaid debit card page. This page lists some worldwide Maestro & Cirrus

debit cards such as the eForexGold debit card or the GlobalCash debit card, a few of the

increasingly popular virtual prepaid cards which are simply Visa or MasterCard account

numbers without the actual plastic card and the top UK prepaid cards.


* The cashplus prepaid MasterCard is issued by APS Financial Ltd (AFL) pursuant to license

by MasterCard International Incorporated. AFL is authorised and regulated by the Financial

Services Authority. ( Registered in England no. 06029941. Your card

will be serviced by Advanced Payment Solutions Ltd (APS) which is a registered agent of AFL

for this purpose. Registered in England no. 04947027. cashplus is a registered trademark of






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