Derbyshire Building Society Savings Account

derbyshire building society



Derbyshire Building Society

Cash Account


This is a savings account from the Derbyshire Building Society which is available

to anyone aged 14 or over and requires a minimum opening investment of 10.

The minimum operating balance thereafter is 1.


A LINK cash card is provided with this easy access account which can be used

to withdraw up to 250 per day. There is also a counter branch service which

can be used to pay in cash or cheques.


Counter cheques are also available but if they are valued at less than 50

then a 1 fee is payable.


In addition, if any branch withdrawal leaves the balance of the account below

100 then a 70p charge is payable for anyone aged 60 or younger, although

the maximum counter fee for any transaction is limited to 1.


Inward standing orders from any bank account can also be set up.

You can also pay your salary or wages directly into the account.

Any state benefits can also be paid in directly.

The account can also be managed by post.


Other savings accounts in their portfolio include ISAs, fixed rate bonds, regular

savings, accounts for young savers, offshore savings, a notice account and affinity



The Derbyshire Building Society is a small mutual society (based in Duffield,

Derbyshire) which provides savings and investments, mortgages,

insurance, loans, credit cards, travel services and financial planning.






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